Communication Methods

OPERA supports a variety of communication methods for exchanging data between OPERA and other properties and external systems via OXI (OPERA Xchange Interface). When features that rely on OXI communications are set up (such as lead sending in SFA which requires the OPX_SFA license code). OPERA needs to know what communication method is being used. The Communication Methods screen displays the communication methods available for information exchange between OPERA and OXI at  the property; the following standard communication methods are pre-configured as part of the OPERA SID data:

OPERA lets you identify additional methods for transferring information, if they are necessary at your property. (If you identify additional communication methods, be sure they are recognized by the OXI interface you are using).

To edit an existing communication method, highlight your choice on the Communication Methods screen and select the Edit button. To add a new communication method, select the New button. The Communication Methods - Edit or Communication Methods - New screen appears. Provide the following information and select the OK button.

Code. Enter an alphanumeric identifier (e.g., EMAIL, PRINTER, FAX, etc.) as the communication code.

Description. Enter a full descriptive name (e.g., email, printer, fax) for the communication code.

Display Seq. Enter a number to identify the order in which you want the communication codes to appear on lists. You may also highlight an entry and use the Move Up/Move Down buttons on the Communication Methods screen to change the sequence of a communication method.