About Setup

The Setup module options provide all the functions you need for managing data running the OPERA front desk check-in, contract entry and billing, transaction processing and reporting software. The Setup module lets you customize the system to meet your needs and takes you through each area of OPERA for setting up your hotel.

Setup module features include:

User System Configuration Setup - Set up user groups and users, cashiers, system administrators and many other employee security features such as password protection so that any critical data is protected. Configure access to all areas of the software. Decide which employees can add, modify, view or print reservations, reports, invoices, rates and taxes. Define levels of privileges allowing employees to access only screens that they have permissions for.

Application Settings - Set up extended or scaled down functionality to adapt OPERA to your specific needs. You can modify OPERA at any time as you want to add or reduce features. Many functions in OPERA depend on how these options are set up. The functions and parameters can be set to either Yes or No, and settings determine many of the default screen field values. When you select the Setup>Application Settings screen all available functions, parameters, settings and their current status is displayed.

System Configuration - Set up room types, rooms, charge codes, payment codes, tax codes, guest profile tools, customers for direct bill (accounts receivable), master folios, parameter records, market segment codes, guest packages, season records, user- defined comments, corporate files, meeting room parameters, source of business codes, travel agencies, and so much more.