Address Details

Use the Address Details screen to select the billing address when you are setting up transaction routing to a specific Billing screen window. When multiple addresses exist for the profile, this screen appears when you select the down arrow on the right of the Address field on the Routing Instructions screen.

The screen shows all the addresses associated with the guest identified in the Name field on the Routing Instructions screen. To choose an address as the billing address, highlight the address and press the spacebar, or you may click in the X column. An X appears in the X column of the address you have chosen. Select the OK button. You may choose only one address.

Address. Searches within the Address columns.

City. Searches within the City column.

Postal Code. Searches within the Zip column.

X. An X in this column indicates that the record has been selected.

Type. The type of address, for example Business, Home, AR Address, Other.

P. Is this the guest's Primary Address? Y = Yes, N = No.

AR No. AR number if the address type is AR Address.

Address Line 1, 2. The street address information.

City. The city portion of the address.

Zip. The postal code portion of this address.

State. The state portion of the address.

Country. The country portion of the address.

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