Deleting a Guest Key

To delete a guest key card, select the Key radio button on the Interface Menu, select the Delete Key radio button, and then select the OK button. The Guest List screen appears.

The Guest List screen consists of three areas; the Search Criteria, the Grid, and the Buttons. Refer to the sections below for additional information on the Guest List screen.

Search Criteria

Select one or more of the following search criteria and select the Search button to narrow the results.

Name. Enter the last name of the guest.

First Name. Enter the first name of the guest.

Room. Enter the room number.

Checked-In guests. Select this check box and only include guests that have already checked-in in the query. This check box will be disabled when the application setting IFC>RESTRICT KEYS FOR RESERVATIONS NOT CHECKED-IN is set to Y and you do not have the user permission IFC>OVERRIDE ROOM KEY CREATE.


The Grid displays the following information:

Room. The room number.

Name. The last and first name of the guest.

Arrival. The guest's arrival date.

Departure. The guest's departure date.


Delete. Select this button to delete the highlighted record. Refer to Cut Keys for additional information.

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