Membership Points History

Select the Points button from the Profile Membership List screen to display the Membership Points History screen, showing the number of points per stay awarded to the guest. (The Profile Membership List screen is accessed by selecting the Memberships button from the Profile screen Options menu.)

The following fields are shown on this screen for each stay.

Property. Select the down arrow to display the Properties list. Choose the property to display membership points belonging to the current guest. (This feature is available if the OPP MHOT Multi-property PMS add-on license is active, or if the OPR <version number> ORS license code is active.)

Arrival. Stay arrival date.

Departure. Stay departure date.

Level. Guest's membership level.

Base Points. Number of base points.

Bonus Points. Number of bonus points.

Total. Total number of base and bonus points.

In the lower part of the screen total base points, total bonus points and the grand total points are shown for all stays within the current property.

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