Positive Pay Checks

When the Commissions>Positive Pay Check Export application parameter is active, the Positive Pay Export functionality can used. The Positive Pay Export signifies to the bank all of the Travel Agent Commission checks that have been processed by OPERA and can be paid out to the agent by the bank.

To use this export, select Commissions>Positive Pay Checks to select the bank to use and dates for the export file.

Bank Search Screen

Search Criteria

Enter the search criteria and select the Search button.

Bank Name. Enter the full or partial bank name to search for.

Account No. Enter the full or partial bank account number to search for.

Currency. Enter the currency format to search for.

Highlight the bank for the Positive Pay Check in the grid and select the OK button.

Positive Pay Check Export Screen

Date Range From/To. Select the From and To dates for the range of positive pay checks.

Function Buttons

File. Select to save the Positive Pay Check Export to a file.

Report. Select to print a report of the Positive Pay Checks.

Note: The Positive Pay Check report will show information only after the Positive Pay Check Export file has been created using the File button. In addition, in order to create the export file, the Positive Pay Check export (POSITIVE_PAY_CHECK) must have been configured under Configuration>External>Commission Exports. Also, this report will include checks and their statuses that have been exported with the export file.

Close. Select to close out of the Positive Pay Check Export functionality.

View the Report

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