Travel Agent/Source Search

To access the Agent Search screen, select Commissions>Payment Processing>By Agent.

Should a property not have a default bank account assigned, a prompt is displayed when Commissions>Payment Processing>By Agent selected notifying the user that there is not one assigned. This message prompt is displayed to help in preventing orphan commissions when the End of Day processing is run.

This screen provides a list of agents and sources from which you may select when processing commission payments. Enter your search criteria and select the Search button to locate a specific agent or source.

Name. Enter the name or the first part of the name of the agent/source you wish to locate.

IATA No. Enter all or the first part of the unique International Association of Travel Agents number if the profile you are seeking is a travel agent.

The following information is provided for each agent/source. Highlight an agent or source record and select the Profile button to display the profile for that agent or source.

Name. Name of the agent/source.

Alt. Name. If the General>Extended Byte application parameter is set to Y, multiple-byte character sets may be used to enter names in languages that require extended-byte (for example, Chinese). If the profile includes a double-byte name, it appears in this field.

IATA No. Unique International Association of Travel Agents number.

City. City portion of the agent/source address.

Comm. Code. Commission code for this agent/source.

Bank Account. Bank account associated with commission payments for the agent/source. The currency code for payments using the account is shown following the account name.

Select the Profile button to display the profile for the highlighted travel agent or source.

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