Profile Lookup Menu

If more than one external system database is available to OPERA, the Profile Lookup menu appears when you select Miscellaneous>Lookup, when you select the Lookup button from the Profile Search screen, or when you select the Lookup button from the Profile screen Options menu.  (Lookup functionality is available when the Membership>Lookup application function is set to Y.)

You may also perform a lookup when creating a new reservation. From the Reservation screen select the ellipsis button on the Name field to display the Profile Search screen, from which you may select the Lookup button.

Note: Profile Lookup functionality is also available using OPERA providing a direct link between OPERA PMS and ORS. Refer here for more information on setting up and using OPERA Webservices Profile Lookup.

Which options are shown on the Profile Lookup menu depends on the external interfaces installed at your property and the Membership > Lookup Type application setting values selected for your OPERA system.

Note: When the OPX_LIND Opera Xchange 2-way for LINDNER is active for a property, you can perform a profile lookup to the LINDER interface from ORS.

Options include:

Auto Central Lookup

Note: This feature is available if your property has interfaces configured to one or more external central systems (such as a loyalty membership program, an activities program, or a player tracking system database).

When the Profiles>Force Auto Central Lookup application parameter is set to Y, you are guided to do a central lookup when creating a reservation if the name you enter on the reservation cannot be found in the OPERA database. The Profiles>Lookup Types application setting specifies the profile type or types (e.g., individual, company, source) to which this feature applies. The central lookup can reduce the likelihood that a duplicate profile will be created when the guest's profile is not found by a profile search.

When you select the Name field ellipsis button on the Reservation screen, the Profile Search screen is invoked. If the name you search on does not result in a match, a prompt asks, "Do you wish to do a central profile lookup?" If you respond Yes, the OPERA Lookup feature is accessed.  Search information you entered on the Profile Search screen  will auto-populate the Lookup screen.

When OPERA does find possible matches and displays them on the Profile Search screen, you may still perform a central lookup by selecting the New button from the Profile Search screen. When the prompt asks, "Do you wish to do a central profile lookup?" respond Yes to access the Lookup feature.

If you respond No to the prompt for a central lookup, you are returned to the Profile Search screen.