Scheduled Activities Activity Types

Note: The Scheduled Activities feature is available when the OPX_CONC OPERA Xchange Gateway for Concept EAS or OPX_CONC2 OPERA Gateway for Concepts EAS XML license is active.

The OPERA interface with an External Activities Scheduler system (EAS) requires you to identify the activity types for scheduled activities so that OPERA can distinguish these, internally, from activities set up for other purposes within OPERA (for example, S&C activities). To access this screen, select  System Configuration> Reservations>Scheduled Activities>Activity Types.

Note: The activity types you enter here should be coordinated with OXI support personnel.

Use this screen to add new activity types for scheduled activities and to copy activity types to other properties (if the OPP_MHOT Multi-Property PMS add-on license is active).

To create new codes, select the New button. Use the Scheduled Activity Type Maintenance screen to enter the Type and a Description.

To copy activity types to other properties, select the activity type codes you wish to copy by clicking in the X column to mark your choices (you may also use the All and None buttons). The select the Copy button. The Properties LOV appears. Choose the properties to copy activity types to and select the OK button.

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