Travel Agent Reference Number (TA Record Locator)

The Travel Agent Record Locator Reference Number functionality provides a means for the CRO or property to effectively process and track reservation requests received from guest agents (third party agents), typically received by email or fax. The functionality is available based on the reservation application parameter Travel Agent Locator (Application Settings>Reservations>Parameters>Travel Agent Record Locator = Y). When enabled, the field TA Rec Loc displays within the ORS Sales and Reservations screens and allows reservations to be booked, modified, or looked up using this reservation identifier. It serves as a secondary identifier, where the reservation confirmation number is the primary number. Additionally, the TA Rec Locator number can be used in confirmation letters, the closing script, reports, included in change log activity, and in OCIS history screens. The Travel Agent Record Locator will be transmitted via the interface between OPERA ORS and OPERA PMS.

Note: This functionality appears on the ORS Sales screens which can be accessed when the OPP_MHOT OPERA Property Management Multi-Property Base license code in PMS is active, or when the OPR <version number> ORS license code is active. To access the ORS Sales screen, in PMS, select (F7) Quick Key or Reservations>Cross Selling. In ORS, select Reservations>Sales Screen.

Within the ORS Sales screens, and within the ORS program, the following Travel Agent Reference Number functionality applies:

The following program modifications accommodate the Travel Agent Reference Number functionality in OPERA PMS:

Search Capability within Folio history.

Workflow Overview

The reservation look up and booking processes are identical to other reservations, with the addition of the Travel Agent Reference Number.

Searching for Existing Reservations Using the Travel Agent Reference Number

When working with existing reservations or creating new ones with a Travel Agent Reference Number, users will typically want to start with the Reservation Lookup functionality. Not only does the Lookup functionality display reservations based on a Travel Agent Reference Number, but it also provides access to screens for creating a new reservation, without having to exit back to the Sales Screen.

Reservation Lookup Screen

Arrivals Screen

Creating a New Reservation with a New or Existing Travel Agent Reference Number

Define Search Screen

You can begin creating a new reservation from this screen. You access the Define Search screen either by selecting New at the Sales Screen, or by selecting New Resv at the Reservation Lookup or Arrivals screens.

Main Reservation Screen

Reservation Snapshot Screen

The Reservation Snapshot screen provides functions for modifying the existing reservation. Notice the read-only TA Rec Loc number in the CRS Information portion of the screen. In our example, it is 55110.