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Available when the OPR_<version number> OPERA Reservation System and the OPP_<version number> OPERA Property Management System licenses are active, a view-only display of the PMS Billing screen can be viewed from ORS by users that have the correct access configuration setup and have been granted the Reservations>PMS Folio Display user permission.

For this functionality to work, the following configuration items must be setup:

From the Sales Screen in ORS, select the Options button, or Edit>Options, for a reservation and select the View Billing button. When the button is selected, a new window is opened via the web service returning a token for the external login into the PMS application.

Billing Screen (View-Only)

As this screen is view-only, a couple of tasks can still be completed. The user can navigate from billing window to billing window, when more than one exists for the reservation, and double-clicking on a transaction will display the view-only Edit Transaction Details form. See the "Opening the Billing Screen (View-Only)" Show Me below for a demonstration.

Select the Close button to close the Edit Transaction Details screen and return to the Billing screen.

When the Billing screen is displayed, select the Close button to exit the Billing screen and current session, and return to the original Sales Screen session.

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