About Back Office Configuration

The Configuration>Back Office interface module is visible when the Configuration>License Codes>PMS>Add-on License>OPP BO Back Office add-on license is activated. This utility offers a method of exporting OPERA revenues and statistical figures to a third party, non-OPERA system. The Back Office interface functionality extracts data from certain OPERA databases and creates flat ASCII files that can in turn be read by the non-OPERA system.

The Back Office interface can export data for different types of information required, like Revenue Data, City Ledger Checkout Information, Market Segment Statistics or Daily Hotel statistics. The layout of each ASCII file is user-definable, and allows the user to select the information types to be transferred to the external system in the required format. You can also define whether the interface program will append records to the ASCII file each day or overwrite/create a new file with each new export of data.

Export File Location General Information for Thin Client Environments

The Export File location for all the third party Back Office interface setups is displayed as C:\TEMP provided with SID data during OPERA installation. In the Thin Client environment, the registry setting FORMS60 OUTPUT is added on the Forms Server during installation. The actual export file location will be defined by what is entered in the \ORACLE\FORMS90_OUTPUT Windows Registry variable (usually D:\Micros\OPERA\Export) at that time.

Interface - Identify the external system to which the program will interface and determine some basic interface options.

Translate - Translate OPERA system transaction codes, market segment codes or daily statistic codes to a code which can be understood by the external Back Office System.

Configuration - Define all transaction, market or statistics codes which need to be transferred to the third party accounting system with the appropriate translations.

Define Records - Define the structure of the export files for the transfer. If you use a standard Back Office interface or one of the existing interfaces which were customized for a special external system and want to customize an existing interface to your special requirements you will need to make changes here.

OPERA Supported Back Office Interfaces - Configure OPERA for various third party property accounting systems designed to receive all transactions for OPERA's guest ledger, deposit ledger, AR ledger, and package ledger for additional analysis and reporting purposes.