Revenue Groups

Revenue Groups are the first step in creating Revenue Types. Revenue Groups are high-level categories, or "wrappers" for Revenue Types. You are able to report revenues from the Revenue Group level, if desired.

To access the Revenue Group Maintenance screen, select Setup>Configuration>Catering>Revenue Group Setup from the OPERA main menu.

Display Grid

Group Code. This is the code that you allocate to the Revenue Group, ensure that you follow any naming conventions specified by the property.

Description. The description of the Group Code.

Sequence. The sequence number that denotes the order in which this code will appear in the grid.

Inactive. An X in this column indicates that this revenue group is inactive. Inactive records are displayed in gray.

Function Buttons

New. Create a new Revenue Group.

Edit. Modify an existing Revenue Group. You will only be able to modify the Description, Sequence and Inactive fields.

Close. Close this screen.

Adding and Editing Revenue Groups

To create a new revenue group, select the New button. To edit an existing revenue group, highlight your choice and select the Edit button. The Revenue Group - New or revenue Group - Edit screen appears.


Provide the following information and select the OK button.

Revenue Group. Revenue group code.

Description. Description of the revenue group.

Display Seq. Enter a number that will control the position of this revenue group code in lists of revenue group codes.

Inactive?. Select this check box if you wish to make the revenue group inactive.

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