About Utilities

The Utilities menu option provides access to all of the applications of PMS, S&C, ORS, and SFA utilities. When a user has been granted access to more than one property or is a Supervisor, then a drop down selection prompt is displayed to select which application's utility menu screen and property they would like to access. And if the OPR_<version number> OPERA Reservation System license is active, then the CRO to which you are applying a utility will also have to be selected from the CRO drop down list.

Access to individual utilities is controlled by user permissions. (User permission names include the extension ‘ UTILITY’.)


Note: If the user has only been granted access to one property and is not a Supervisor, then the user is automatically taken into the Utilities screen.

When the OPZ_<version number> Operetta license is active, access the Utilities menu option from the Dashboard 3 (Ctrl+F4)>Go to Administration>OPERA Support>Setup>Utilities.

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