Accompanying Guests

The Accompanying Guests screen allows you to add accompanying guests to a reservation. An accompanying guest is one who occupies a room with another guest, but who does not require a separate folio. If the guests require separate folios while occupying the same room, use the Shares option instead (select Shares from the Reservation Options menu).

Note: The Accompanying option is available for pseudo room types as well as for physical room types. This feature would be useful, for example, if you have boat slips, pool cabanas, etc. configured as pseudo rooms and you wish to be able to locate accompanying guests using these facilities.

Identifying accompanying guests on the Accompanying Guests screen ensures that you can locate that guest if, for example, he or she receives a courier service delivery, a fax, or a phone call to the property general phone number. When you use the In House Search screen to search for an accompanying guest, the search returns a listing for the guest who holds the reservation. An Accompany lamp displays on different screens to alert the user to view the Accompanying Guest screen (See Indicator Lamps for lamp list and descriptions).

To access Accompanying Guests screen, select the Accompanying button from the Reservation Options menu. (The Reservation Options menu is accessible from the Reservation screen or from the Reservation Search screen.)

If no accompanying guests are already identified, the Profile Search screen appears, allowing you to select the accompanying guest's profile, if it exists, or to create a new profile for the accompanying guest.

If accompanying guests have already been associated with this reservation, the Accompanying Guests screen appears.

The Accompanying Guest screen lists all accompanying guests attached to the current reservation. The grid provides the following information for each accompanying guest:

Name. The guest's last name and first name.

City. The guest's resident city.

Birthday. The guest's birth date.

To display the full profile information for the accompanying guest, highlight the guest's record and select the Profile button.

Attaching and Detaching an Accompanying Guest

Attach. To attach an accompanying guest profile to the reservation, select the Attach button. The Profile Search screen appears. Search for and select an existing profile or create a new one if the accompanying guest's profile does not already exist.

The Accompany lamp appears on the Reservation screen, on the In House Search screen, and on the Reservation Search screen when accompanying guest(s) are attached to the current reservation.

Detach. Available when an accompanying guest record is highlighted. To detach an accompanying guest profile from the reservation, highlight the record on the Accompanying Guest screen and select the Detach button.

Profile. Available when an accompanying guest record is highlighted. Highlight the record on the Accompanying Guest screen and select the Profile button to edit the accompanying guest profile.

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