AGE CREDITS Application Setting

Group.  AR

Type.  Parameter

Application.  PMS

Description.  Age unallocated payments on the aging screens and reports.

Internal Name. AGE_CREDIT

Property Determination. When an account has a payment that is unallocated, do you want the aging buckets to reflect these payments or should the payments stay in the ‘Current’ column? This parameter will age unallocated credits on an AR account in the same way that debits are aged if it is marked as Y.  If the parameter is N, unallocated credit totals will always appear in the current bin, no matter how long they have been on the account.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Y (Yes)

N (No)

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE function to be active

Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.


Reports & Report Forms.




Other Areas.