Automatic Closure of Open Cashiers

Automatic Closure of Open Cashiers is available when the End of Day>Auto Close Cashiers application parameter is set to Y.

With this feature, OPERA searches for any open cashiers other than the default End of Day Routine cashier. If there are other open cashiers, OPERA will list the cashier numbers. Select OK. (You must have the End of Day> Automatic Closure of Open Cashiers to OK this procedure. Check with your System Administrator if you cannot automatically close open cashier.)

OPERA then prompts if you would like OPERA to automatically close them. To continue, choose Yes.

Warning: If you choose No, the End of Day Routine session will end immediately.

The message: "Cashier has been closed. Please log back into Cashiering" will be displayed to users having a cashier ID that is automatically closed.

Note: It is possible that the same cashier ID is being used by different users at multiple properties in a multi-property environment. With the appropriate permissions, these users can perform cashiering transactions at properties other than the property where they are logged in. In this case, when End of Day processing at another property automatically closes the shared cashier ID, the prompt will not be displayed to users at different properties unless the user has an outstanding balance for that cashier ID at the property where End of Day processing is being performed.