Departures Not Checked Out

Departures Not Checked Out verifies that all guests expected to check out have actually checked out or have had their stay extended. A guest expected to depart or check out is known as a Due Out.

If there are no Due Outs, the system indicates this condition with the message No Reservations Found.

Any Due Outs who have not yet checked out or extended their stay are displayed in the In House Guest screen. The End of Day Routine process does not continue until you have resolved each guest's Due Out status. You may either (a) extend the guest or (b) check the guest out.

Check Out a Guest

Use the In House Guest Search screen or Cashiering module from within the End of Day Sequence to check out a guest.

Note: If the Cashiering>Floating Cashier ID application parameter is set to Y and you do not have a cashier ID assigned to your user name, you will be prompted to select a cashier ID to use when performing the check outs.

Extend a Guest

  1. From the In House Guest Search screen, select the name and room number of each guest you intend to extend.
  2. From the main PMS menu, open the Front Desk menu and select In House Guests. The In House Guest Search screen will display.
  3. Press the Advanced button. The Advanced Search screen will open below the regular search screen.
  4. Select (highlight) a guest and press the Edit button. The details of the guest's reservation will display.
  5. On the main tab, increase the Nights field by at least one day.
  6. Press the OK button. OPERA will update the guest's reservation and remove the guest from the Due Out list.
  7. Repeat these steps for each guest you want to extend.
  8. Exit OPERA PMS when you are finished extending guests.
  9. Re-enter the End of Day Routine application and restart the End of Day Routine function from where you left off (Departures not checked out).

Checkout with Open Folio

When the Cashiering>Open Folio application function is set to Y, Departures Not Checked Out identifies any checked out reservations having open folio status. See the discussion of Checkout with Open Folio and Post Stay Charging included in the Checkout topic.