Arrivals Not Yet Checked In

The purpose of the Arrivals Not Yet Checked In procedure is to verify that all guests who are expected to arrive have either checked in or otherwise changed their reservation status or arrival date. An expected arrival is known as a Due In. A guest is expected to arrive when their arrival date matches the current business date of the property. The guest's reservation may or may not be guaranteed.

If there are no Due Ins, the system indicates this condition with the message No Reservations Found.

Any Due Ins who have not yet checked in or changed their reservation status is displayed in the Arrivals screen. It is not mandatory that you take any action here. If you don't want to take any action, select the Close button. Guests who are still considered Due In by the time you Roll the Business Date are listed as No Shows.

Note: After each procedure finishes, the system asks you if you want to continue the End of Day Routine process or exit. You may continue or exit as you wish.

Expected Arrivals Options

Expected arrivals who have not yet checked in will be listed in the Arrivals screen. There are a number of actions you may take from this screen:

Take no action at all. Guests who have not arrived or changed their reservation status will be listed as No Shows when the reservation.no_show procedure is run. Unless the Reservation Type is selected as a Rolling NoShow and then it is skipped during this end of day procedure.

Note: The Reservations>Rolling NoShow application setting allows you to select the reservation types that will be handled with rolling no show functionality. When a guest having a reservation type identified by this application setting fails to check in on the scheduled arrival date, the end of day process automatically extends the arrival date to the next business date until the reservation departure date is reached. (Day use reservations are not extended.) The reservation remains in the system until the departure date, at which time, if the guest has not checked in, the reservation is statused No Show. The guest may check in any day during the date range covered by the reservation.

When finished, press the Close button to return to the main End of Day Routine screen.

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