Business Rules for New Reservations to-from Marsha

New transient single reservation

New profile information is not uploaded to MARSHA, as no profile records are maintained in MARSHA.

New company reservation with company profile attached

In addition to the business logic and conditions applying to an individual single reservation, company details are now linked to the reservation. The address location must be (C) to indicate a company booking.

Day use reservation

For Day Use reservations, the reservation type in PST / RAT will be shown as (NR) for day use reservation

Walk-in reservation

If the guest in already checked in, then (IH) is sent in the PST / ARS section of the message.

New contiguous reservation

Business Rules for New Reservations From Marsha

New company reservation with Company profile attached

Based on Company/Travel Agency/Wholesaler profile functionality:

Profile linking/matching in OXI with an associated GNR/Reservation from MARSHA for Company, Travel Agency, or Wholesaler reservations will link the appropriate profile type regardless of the Market Code (in MARSHA) / Rate Code (in OPERA).

New reservation with multiple rate changes (contiguous booking)

New reservation with multiple stay dates (itinerary booking)

Reservations Split in MARSHA (GNR’s made for multiple rooms)

MARSHA will continue to send split GNR’s/Reservations the same way it currently does, when PA’d:  force send from Marsha CRS. Then one profile will initially get created in OPERA.

Sample:  Below is a scenario for future changes to guest name