Call History

The Call History screen displays information about the phone calls received by the property and/or ORS to set up and make changes to reservations. This option is available in ORS (OPR<version number>ORS license code is active) and in OPMS. The Reservations>Caller Information application function must be set to Y to enable this feature for a property.

The Call History screen is displayed when you select the Call History button from the Reservation Options menu and from the ORS Reservation Snapshot screen.

Caller information collected by the CRO will be sent to the property from ORS and displayed in the Call History screen. Caller information can also be directly collected by the PMS using the Caller Last, Caller First, Caller Phone, Caller Fax, and Caller Email fields which can be screen painted on the Reservation screen Main tab or More Fields tab. Caller information is collected when information is entered into at least one of these fields and information collected in a PMS and is also visible in ORS.

Note: The time and date shown reflect the time at the location of the user's login property or CRO, unless a different Time Zone Region has been configured on the Property Details screen. See Database Time Zone Regions for details.

The following information is displayed on this screen:

Name. The name of the caller as given to the agent at the start of the call.

Call Begin. The date and time when the call was taken. (The call starts when the Reservation screen is opened.)

Call End. The date and time when the call ended. (The call ends when the Reservation screen is closed by selecting the OK button or the Save and Close buttons.)

Note: Simply using the Save button to save reservation information will not populate the caller information on the Call History screen.

Phone. The caller's phone number.

Fax. The caller's fax number.

Email. The caller's email address.

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