Channel Inventory Setup

The Channel Inventory Setup screen, accessed by selecting Configuration>Channel Inventory in the OCM or ORS application, allows a user to configure channel sell limits.

Search Criteria

Complete one or more of the following search criteria and select the Search button to perform a query.

Property. Select the property from the list of values.

Channel. Select a channel from the list of values.

Channel Room. Select the channel converted room type from the list of values.

Date. Select the date from the calendar.


Property. The property.

Channel. The channel.

Begin Date. The first date the room may be sold through the channel.

Channel Room. The channel converted room type.

End Date. The last date the room may be sold through the channel.

Days of the Week. The specific days of the week the room may be sold through the channel.

Number. The total number of rooms that may be sold through this channel.


New. Select this button to create a new channel sell limit. If the Channel Inventory parameter (located on the Channel Property Parameters screen) is not active for the channel and property selected, the below warning will display and the user will be prompted to enable the parameter.


Edit. Select this button to edit an existing sell limit.

Delete. Select this button to delete an existing sell limit.

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