Creating Task Sheets Manually

This option would normally be used when you do not need to build the task assignment sheet based on details such as room status, task code, maximum credits and so on. (You might, for example, want to use this feature to create task assignment sheets for some purpose other than Housekeeping for making deliveries of refreshments to specific rooms, for instance.) To create a new task sheet manually, select the New button from the Task Assignment Overview screen. Traveling Task Credits can be assigned from the Rooms Management>Traveling Task Credits application setting and can be a one or two-digit value. But leaving the application setting blank or assigning it a 0, indicates that the Traveling Task Credits are not active for the property. As part of the Auto Task Assignment, the Traveling Task Credits setting is factored in when evaluating the maximum number of credits given, if the group of rooms assigned should spread across multiple floors (See Traveling Task Credits Functionality below).

When the New button is selected from the Task Assignment Overview screen, OPERA automatically starts a new entry for the new Task sheet in sequential order. Highlight the new entry and select the Details button, or double-click on the entry to go to the Task Sheet Details screen for the setup process. See Task Sheet Details, above.

Note: Although task sheets can be manually created for future dates, task sheets cannot be printed for a date other than the property's current business date.

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