Credit Card Surcharge on Reservation Deposits

When the Cashiering>Credit Card Transaction Surcharge application parameter is set to Y, and a surcharge applies to the credit card payment method selected for the deposit payment, the upper grid (Deposit Requested) values will not reflect the surcharge amount. The surcharge will be included in the Deposit Screen lower grid payment Amount.

Transferring the Deposit

Deposits that are paid by a credit card that has a surcharge applied can be transferred to another reservation or reservations.

  1. Select the deposit payment to be transferred in the bottom grid of the Deposit screen and click the Transfer button.
  2. The available list of reservations that the deposit can be transferred to is displayed.
  3. Select the reservation, or reservations, to transfer the deposit to and click the OK button.
  4. The Deposit Amount screen is displayed. The Available Deposit Amount that is displayed excludes any and all of the credit card surcharge amounts that were originally generated when posting the deposit amount. Enter the Amount to transfer, select the correct option, and click the OK button to complete the transfer.

    Transfer to a Single Reservation

    Transfer to Multiple Reservations

For Example
- A Deposit of 1000.00 is paid using a credit Card that has a 10% surcharge applicable.

- The Deposit Payment is recorded as 1100.00. The 100.00 credit card surcharge has been posted to the Guest Ledger using the transaction code defined by the Cashiering>Default CC Surcharge Trn Code application setting.

- On the Deposit screen in the lower grid, select the deposit payment record and click the Transfer button.

- Select the reservation to transfer the deposit to.

- When the Deposit Amount screen is displayed, the Available Deposit amount is displayed as 1000.00, not including the 100.00 credit card surcharge.

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