DEFAULT PACKAGES Application Setting

Group.  Reservations

Type.  Setting




Description.  Package(s) that will be posted during the End of Day if the reservation has no rate code.

Property Determination. The package(s) you select here will be added automatically to all new reservations which do not have a rate code. A default package may not be removed from this application setting if the package has been attached to a non-rate-code reservation which is in-house. You may add new packages to the default packages list at any time; the added packages will be attached "retroactively" to reservations that have already been made. However, if the reservation is already checked in and the package added to the application setting has a same-day allowance, the allowance is created only during night audit and package profit/loss is posted during night audit.

Package(s) attached to the reservation via the Default Packages application setting cannot be removed from the non-rate-code in-house reservation even if the package(s) are excluded by selecting the Exclude feature on the Packages Edit screen.

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Available Values.

All non- group packages

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