Delete Property Utility

Note: A password available from MICROS Systems Development is required in order to run this utility. This utility should be used with extreme caution and understanding of its impact.

The Delete Property utility is available to delete a property, and all of its related data, from within the OPERA application. When granted the Utilities>Delete Property permission, select Utilities>Data>Delete Property and the Delete Property Login screen displays a prompt for the delete property password. The delete property password changes daily and is strictly controlled by MICROS Systems, Inc.

Note: This utility cannot be accessed if the ORS_<version number> OPERA Reservation System or OCIS_<version number> OPERA Central Information System license is active for the property.

Warning! The Delete Property utility should be used with extreme caution. When you delete a property, all data related to the property and the property itself is deleted. It should not be used in a production environment.

Once you have logged in with the delete property password, the Delete Property screen displays.

Property. Select the down arrow to select the specific property to delete. The properties that are displayed in the list for selection are only properties that are inactive. Inactive properties will be based on the End Date value configured on the Property Details screen. This value must be set to a date before the current business date in order for the deletion to be completed.

Note: When deleting the last property in a chain, the last property must have the End Date set to 31/12/2049 in the Property Configuration - General Tab (Configuration>Property>Property Details>Edit).

Assign Profiles to Property. Select the down arrow to choose the property to assign the profiles that were generated at the property being deleted to another property. Leaving this field blank will only delete the profiles that were generated at the property being deleted and have no activity at any other properties. But for the profiles that were generated at the property being deleted, the profiles will not be deleted, but will not have a generation property assigned to them.

Profiles that have dependencies to other Properties (e.g., reservations), will be assigned to the selected Property. If a Profile has no dependencies/links to other Properties - the Profile will still be deleted.

Note: A hidden Advanced feature option makes it possible to control other aspects of the delete such as Delete Property Data, Delete Property Users, Delete Property Profiles and Delete Property Record.This feature should only be used in exceptions and implications of deselecting options must be understood by the Administrator that performs the property delete.

This Hidden feature can be activated with CTRL +ALT+ click on the Red warning label.


Running the Delete Property Utility

To delete the property, select the OK button.

Note: Only the OPERA application users that were granted access to the property that is being deleted only, will be removed when this utility is ran.

To see Queries that can be run troubleshoot the utility and to see a complete list of tables that get effected by this utility, click on the link below.

Property Delete Utility Support and Tables Deleted List