Extension Numbers

For most systems, this is done automatically through the interfaces.  This function is specific to certain instances and hotel chains.) The function allows the selection of an Extension number when checking a guest into a room with a single entry door, but that has multiple phone lines.

Available when the General>Extensions application function is set to Y, the Extensions Number form allows a user to assign the extensions to the room. The Extension Numbers form can be accessed before the guest checks in, during check in, during a room move, or anytime that the guest is in-house. But, when an extension for the room has been configured as Mandatory, the extension will have to be assigned when the guest is checking in.

When checking in a component room, then all of the extensions that have been configured for each of the rooms for the component room will be displayed.

Extension Numbers Form


Extn. No. Displays the configured extension number for the room.

Interface Type. Displays the type of interface that the extension number has been configured for. If the extension number is the same per interface type, then only one extension number will be listed. For example, if two lines have been configured for Room 1001, but the prefix of 7 has been selected for both, then only one extension will be displayed in the Extension Numbers form.

Name. Name of the share reservation for the room in which the extensions have been assigned. The Name column is only populated when one of the guests of a share reservation already has the extension assigned to them.

Button Functions

All. Selects all of the extensions.

None. Deselects any of the extensions that have been selected.

OK. When you select OK, appropriate messages and screens appear depending on the circumstances of the move. In particular:

Close. Closes out of the Extension Number form.

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