Forecast Processor

The forecast processor is a stand-alone process that populates and updates various summary tables (e.g., RESERVATION_SUMMARY) in the OPERA database with information from selected business events. These tables, in turn, provide fast access to the types of real-time information displayed on the Control Panel, House Status screen, and in various OPERA reports.

Note: When performing a database backup, the forecast processor may need to be stopped depending on the type of backup being performed.

The following are a couple of types of backups where the Forecast Processor would need to be stopped:

Cold or Off-line Backups
Hot or On-line Backups
RMAN (Recovery Manager) Backups

Accessing Forecast Processor

The forecast processor is started and stopped from the Forecast Processor Status screen. To display this screen, select Utilities>Processors>Forecast Processor.

The Forecast Processor Status screen shows the following information for each database schema forecast processor that has been configured.

ID. ID number automatically assigned to the process.

Inst. ID. ID number for the number of instances the process has been ran.

SID. Session identification number.

Started By. Database schema running the forecast processor (if it is running).

Started On. Date the forecast processor was started.

Started At. Time the forecast processor was started.

Status. Status of the forecast processor:

Events Read. Number of business events that have been processed since the forecast processor was last started.

The following information is shown in the boxes below the grid.

Events Pending. Number of business events awaiting processing.

Events Failed. Number of business events for which the forecast processor was unable to obtain data. Select the Requeue Failed button to attempt to reprocess failed business events.

Forecast Processor Options

Select the appropriate function button to perform the following tasks:

Start. Start the forecast processor.

Stop. Stop the forecast processor.

Setup. Select to setup the number of Forecast Processor Threads. Threads are independently executable parts of a program and can be executed concurrently.

Refresh Data. Select to update the information.

Requeue Failed. Select this button to reprocess failed business events if shown in the Failed Events field.