Rate Strategy Processor

The Rate Strategy Processor is a utility that when activated, no new restrictions are created, but only the implementation of existing set strategies are used for evaluation. Available when the Rates>Rate Restriction application function is set to Y, from the Utilities>Processors>Rate Strategy Processor menu option. The processor can be started, stopped and data relating to the processor (i.e. restrictions) can be refreshed.

Note: When the Rates>Rate Strategy Logging for Reservation Restrictions application parameter is set to N, then logging will not occur in the RESERVATION_RESTRICTIONS_LOG table when the restriction is initiated by the Rate Strategy Processor.

Rate Strategy Processor Screen

Display Grid

Started By. Schema in which the Rate Strategy Processor has been started.

Started On. Date when the processor was started.

Started At. Time when the processor was started.

Status. Current status of the processor.

Function Buttons

Start. Start the rate strategy processor.

Stop. Stop the rate strategy processor.

Refresh Data. Select to update the information.

Close. Exits out of the Rate Strategy Processor functionality.

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