Gaming History Information

The Gaming Info feature is available when the OPERA Gaming interface is installed. This screen is available when the OPERA Gaming Interface is installed. The OPERA Gaming interface requires an active Comp Accounting license (OPP_GCA) and an interface between OPERA and the resort's PTS (Patron Tracking System) provided by any of a number of license codes (e.g., OPX_BALL, OPX_ACRS, OPX_GA2).

The Gaming Info screen provides a display of gaming information for past trips of a guest who has a player ID. The display is view-only.

Note: Guests have a player ID if their profiles are associated with the membership program specified by the Comp Accounting>PTS Membership Type application setting.

To access the Gaming Info screen, select the Gaming tab from the Profile screen. When you select the Gaming tab, OPERA prompts you for your authorizer login information.

Gaming Info Screen Fields

For each trip, the screen provides the following information.

Arrival. The guest's arrival date.

Departure. The guest's departure date.

Name. The guest's name.

The specific gaming information fields shown on this screen (e.g., Actual Table Payouts, Actual Slot Payouts, etc.) are determined by the data available from the PTS used by the property.

Gaming Info Screen Buttons

Resv. Highlight a trip record and select this button to display the guest's Reservation screen for this stay.

View Folio. Highlight a stay record and select this button to display the guest's folio for this stay. See Folio History for details.

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