Guest Trial Balance (gl_trial_balance with CAS4.FMX)

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The Guest Trial Balance Report displays all guests in house and their folio balances. Users may also elect to include reservations which have checked out on the current business date.

Selection Criteria


Room Class. A Multi Select List of Values of all Room Classes configured for your Property. Default is ‘All’ Room Classes. The filter is only displayed when the General>Room Class application function is set to Y.

Room Type. A Multi Select List of Values of all Room Types configured for your Property. Default is ‘All’ Room Types.

Sort Order. Alphabetical, Room No.


Routing Instructions. Select to display routing instructions that are attached to the guests account. For routing instructions that are not for the entire stay, the dates that apply to the routing instruction will display on the report (Routed to Room 2001 (04/22/05-04/23/05) ROOM. 1008). The check box will be displayed when the Cashiering>Routing application function is set to Y.

Note: The Delimited file output format will not be correctly generated when the Routing Instructions check box is selected.

Checked Out. Select to display guests who have checked out. This will include checked out reservations that have an open folio status.

Report Output

Room. Room number of the reservation.

Name. Name of the guest.

Arr. Date. Arrival date of the reservation.

Dep. Date. Departure date of the reservation.

Opening Balance. Total balance of the guest account for the date in which the report was ran.

Debits. Total Amount that has been charged to the guests account.

Transferred Debits. Any amounts charged to the guest account as a result of a transfer.

Credits. Total Amount that has been paid against the account by the guest.

Transferred Credits. Any amounts that have been transferred to the guests account and that is considered a credit.

Closing Balance. Closing balance for the account. This column is calculated by the following formula: Opening Balance + Debits + Transfer Debit - Credits - Transfer Credits.

Folio No. If the account has been settled, the folio number for the settlement is displayed.

Status. Reservation status.