Guest Preferences (guest_preferences with PRF1.FMX)

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The Guest Preferences Report displays those reservations for the date range specified which have preferences attached to the profile and/or reservation. You can choose to report information for all profiles or those profiles with reservations having specific arrival dates or stay dates. Additional filters include the ability to include pseudo rooms, display all or specific VIP codes, and to report individual reservations or reservations attached to blocks.

In order for the Preferences attached to the Preference Group, to display on the report, the Reservation Preference check box must be selected on the Preference Groups configuration screen. If this check box is not selected and items from this Preference Group are attached to guest profiles, they will not display on the report when it is ran.

Note: Irrespective of the Preference Group being configured as a Reservation Preference or not, this report will always display the preferences attached to the guests profile, unless there is a Preference attached to the Reservation from the same Preference Group, then this Preference will be displayed.

Note: If a preference within a specific preference group exists on the guest reservation and on the guest profile, the preference stated on the reservation is reported. However, all other preferences from the profile for other preference groups will be reported. For example if a guest has newspaper preferences of NEW YORK TIMES and MIAMI HERALD attached to the profile but on the reservation you attach a newspaper preference of LOCAL NEWSPAPER, then the report will only display the reservation preference of LOCAL NEWSPAPER. If the same guest also has a smoking preference of NON-SMOKING and on the reservation there is no smoking preference attached then the report will print the NON- SMOKING preference from the profile because it does not belong to the preference group NEWSPAPER.

Selection Criteria


Date Range

All Profiles. Select this option to include all Profiles with preferences attached. Use the Preference Type and Preferences Filters to narrow the returned information. When this is selected, the Date Range fields, Reservation Options, Pseudo Rooms, and Notes will be grayed out. The Membership Only checkbox will be enabled in the ‘Include’ section.

Arrival Dates. Select this option to filter on an Arrival Date range. When selected, the date range entered will only return Reservations whose Arrival Date falls within the specified range.

Stay Dates. Select this option to filter on Reservation Stay dates. When selected, the date range entered will return all Reservations that will be staying at the Property during the specified date range. When the Stay Dates radio button is selected, the ‘Include’ section will display an additional check box of Departures.


Room Class. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Room Classes. The Room Class filter is only displayed when the General>Room Class application function is active.

Room Type. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Room Types. Only include those reservations that have the selected Room Type(s) attached to the Reservation.

Preference Type. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Preference Types.

Preference. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Preferences.

VIP Only. Available when the Profiles>VIP application function is set to Y. Select to include only those reservations that have a VIP code attached to the primary profile. When checked, a multi select LOV is displayed to allow you to choose the VIP codes to be used for filtering.


Departures. Select to include the departures in the report that fall within the selected date range for the report. This will include only reservations that have a Checked Out status.

Pseudo Rooms. Include Reservations made for a Room type configured as a Pseudo Room. (Not available when reporting on All Profiles.)

Membership Only. Include membership only guests preferences. Available only when reporting on All Profiles.

Notes. When checked, all notes attached to the Reservation and Primary Profile will be displayed on the report. The user can select from a Multi Select LOV, specific Note or Comment types they would like included on the report.

Include Internal Notes. When the Notes checkbox is selected, an additional check box is also displayed that allows the option of including those Notes that have marked as “internal”.  If this checkbox is NOT selected, the Filter information on the report output does not display that “internal” notes are not included.


(Not available when reporting on All Profiles.)

Individual. Select this check box to report on individual reservations.

Block Code. Select this check box to report on business blocks. When this option is selected, you may choose specific blocks to report on.

Page Break

No Page Break. The report output will be displayed in the sort order specified, with no page breaks.

Preference Code. The report output will group by preference code and return a new page for each preference code.

Date. The report output will group by each date in the date range and return a new page for each date.


Sort Order. Alphabetical, Room No., Preference, VIP.