PURGE DAYS Application Setting

Group.  Profiles

Type.  Setting

Application.  PMS

                     ORS (Global)

Description.  Number of days a guest profile should have had no activity before being eligible to be purged.


Property Determination. This setting may be set to any number of days between 90 and 3650. The Opera Data Purge Routine purges individual profiles that meet the number of days with no activity criterion established by this setting, as well as other criteria as specified below.

Activity is defined as any update to the profile (the update date is changed in the NAME table).

Other factors control profile purging as well as inactivity. These include:

The Purge Days application setting typically works in conjunction with the Purge Days for Incomplete Profiles application setting. You would set Purge Days to, say, 360 days, and Purge Days for Incomplete Profiles to a shorter interval, say, 90 days.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Numbers between 90 and 3650. Default = 90.

Add On Licenses/Country Specifics.


Other Application Settings.

Profiles>Purge Days for Incomplete Profiles

Affected Areas

Menus / Screens / Fields.

Manual Profile Purge Routine utility (Utilities>Profile>Manual Profile Purge Routine; Opera Purge Routine Purge Profiles Procedure)

Reports & Report Forms.




Other Areas.

This setting will only be inserted once.  All resorts will share the same setting as profiles are not property specific.