Main Sales Screen

To access the Multi Property reservation flow process, press the F7 key. Click the options below for more information.

Main Sales Screen

The Main Sales screen is the first screen to display after you log into the OPERA system.

At the top of the screen, the window title bar displays the Property Location name and description, the date, and the user login name enclosed in brackets.

Beneath the window title bar is OPERA' main menu bar where you can choose the appropriate menu and select an option from the drop down list. The main menu bar provides support for accomplishing the most common tasks within a work group.

Beneath the Property or chain affiliation logo displays the chain logo. When a new chain is selected, this logo changes dynamically to reflect the active chain.

On the right side of the screen next to the Property logo, the Profiles, Define Search, Property, and Availability workflow panels are displayed. These four panels are short cuts for the reservation process as well as default information from the reservation flow for the agent to use as reference.

On the left side of the screen, beneath the Property logo, the sales screen function buttons start the reservation flow.

OPERA Main Menu Bar

Pull-down menus on the OPERA menu bar are located at the top of the screen throughout OPERA. Two separate menus are available - the OPERA Main Menu and the OPERA System Configuration Main Menu.

To access the OPERA System Configuration Main Menu, select System>System Configuration on the User Main menu. Each menu option has a unique hot key (Alt + <unique letter> within the menu word) functionality, so you can access the menu with the keyboard.

Note: The underlined letters in menus and on button functions indicate a keyboard shortcut method to select the item. Just press ALT and the underlined letter.

Workflow Panels

Select a chain function button or the New function button to start the workflow panel activity.

The work flow panels are a useful tool for organizing and managing the work flow of your reservation process. Every work flow panel is opened from the Main Sales screen. The screen's configurable panels display information regarding selected Profiles, information specified in the  Define Search, selected Property information, and Availability. When you open the screen related to the panel that you are currently using or that is currently selected, OPERA always applies the next keystroke or command you choose to the active window.

When a screen is active, the panel frame associated with this screen displays surrounded by a blue border. While you are working with the work flow panels, OPERA keeps information active and visible by starting and running the reservation process in a screen. The results of each action in the work flow process display in each panel after you complete your selections on the screen, and the next screen in the work flow process displays automatically. You can select any open panel whenever you want to review detail or edit your selections.

You can move throughout open panels by double-clicking on a specific panel or using the special key combinations (Alt+1 for Profile, Alt+2 for Define Search, Alt+3 for Property Search, and Alt+4 for Availability).

Sales Screen Function Buttons

Sales screen function buttons are commonly used as navigation controls to start the reservation process. Click a button to navigate to a new screen. When you hover the mouse over each button function its label changes color indicating this is the active panel and your starting point for making a reservation.

You can also navigate vertically to different function buttons by pressing the Up and Down arrows on the keyboard arrow pad or numerical keypad.

Global Messages

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