Mandated Reservation Profiles

The Mandated Reservation Profiles check boxes may be used to specify the profile type(s) all of which must be associated with the reservation in order to use this rate code. The Rates>Mandate Resv Profiles application settings determine which profile type check boxes are available for selection (Travel Agent, Source, Group, Company) for the rate code. (If none of these settings are selected the Mandated Reservation Profiles option does not appear on the More tab.)

Mandated Reservation Profile

For example, if Travel Agent and Group are selected for the Rates>Mandate Resv Profiles application setting, the Travel Agent and Company check boxes will be available on the Rate Setup screen More tab. If you set up a rate code, say SEASON4, that has both the Travel Agent and Company check boxes selected in the Mandated Reservation Profiles area on the Rate Setup screen, any reservation that you make which uses the SEASON4 rate code must have both a travel agent and a company attached.

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