Delete Membership Type Utility



The following permission must be granted to user:

Access the Delete Membership Type utility from the Utilities>Profile>Delete Membership Types menu option in OPERA Utilities.

When accessing the utility, you will be prompted to enter a password. Enter the password assigned to this utility and select OK.


Use the Delete Membership Type utility to select a membership type for deletion. This utility is useful when you wish to discontinue a membership program and entirely remove it from the system. Only a central membership type can be selected for deletion, and the membership type will be deleted from all profiles and reservations with which it is associated.

Note: Since the deletion of the membership type will require a lock of several records, please be sure all users are logged off during this process. To completely remove the selected membership type from the system, you will need to run this utility for both ORS and PMS.


Membership Type. (Only central membership types are available for selection.) Select the down arrow and choose a membership type from the list of values. This is the membership type to be deleted.

Scheduler. Select to open the OPERA Scheduler and monitor the process of the membership type deletion job.

OK. Select to run the Delete Membership Type utility. A job will run in the OPERA Scheduler to delete the membership type.

When Ok is selected, the below warning message will display and prompt you to continue.


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