Cashier Summary (nacashiersummary with GENREPPAR.FMX)

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The Cashier Summary Report displays each cashier's total intake, currency for the day, credit cards, and other - prepaid commissions and manual credit cards. This report serves as a cash reconciliation report, and is useful if interfaces are inoperative.

Function Buttons

Preview. Select to preview the report in a PDF format.

Print. select to print the report.

File. Select to save the report as a file.

Close. Select to exit the specific report.

Report Output

For cash drop and check drop transaction codes, that are NOT in local currency, the Local Amount column will be blank.

In the Summary Total section, foreign currency postings are grouped by exchange rate. For example, if foreign currency postings for the same transaction code were made for different exchange rates, they will be listed by one row per currency per exchange rate.