ORMS Modeling Data Reset

When the OPO_<version number> OPERA Revenue Management System license is active the user has been granted the Utilities>ORMS Modeling Data Reset permission, ORMS configuration can be updated after it has been modeled by selecting the Utilities>ORMS Modeling Data Reset menu option.

Note: A password available from MICROS Systems Development is required in order to run this utility. This utility should be used with extreme caution and understanding of its impact.

After the correct password has been entered, the system will check to see if the Optimizer Service is stopped and if it is not, then the following message is displayed, "Stopping Optimizer Service. Please wait for the Optimizer Service to be stopped" and the Optimizer is stopped. If the Optimizer Service is not stopped within one minute, then a message is displayed stating "The Optimizer Service could not be stopped. Try stopping the Optimizer Service manually and then click on Retry. Click on Close if you would like to close the Utility now." Once the Optimizer is stopped, then the ORMS Modeling Data Reset screen is displayed.

Note: The Optimizer Service is automatically started again at the end of the Modeling Process and is not required until the environment is modeled again.


Note: When running this utility, no ORMS Configuration data will be removed or modified.

Reset Model Data. Select to complete a reset of the Modeling Data only. The following tables are affected during this procedure for the property.

Re-activate ORMS. Select to re-activate ORMS including all activation processes, i.e. Max. LOS Determination, Wholesale Block setting, etc. All of the tables listed above are affected by this procedure including an additional column in the orms_system_parameters table.

Scheduler. Select to display the OPERA Scheduler where. From the OPERA Scheduler screen, users can schedule batch jobs; view the state of the jobs to see whether the jobs are in process or satisfactorily completed; view message logs; and maintain the processes such as enabling/disabling them or deleting them. See OPERA Scheduler for details.

Close. Select to exit the ORMS Modeling Data Reset Utility.

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Using the ORMS Modeling Data Reset Utility