OXI_DATAMART Parameters for OXI


Button Functions

Copy. This feature is only available when a user is assigned the OXI_PARAMETERS permission for the affected property. This function allows you to copy parameters and settings to other properties in a Centrally Hosted environment.

Edit. Use this button to change a parameter's setting.

Close. Use this button to exit from the parameter's screen.

OXI Datamart Parameter

OXI Parameter Name

Parameter Description

Recommended Setting


-> Direction: Data from OPERA To External System.

Set to N to disable or a combination of other choices to enable desired messages.

N: None.

F: Financial daily statistics.

M: Manager's report.

R: Reservation daily statistics.

S: Reservation Summary.

P: SC Booking Production.

O: SC Rooms Status Snapshot.

C: SC Catering Revenue.

U: Catering Production.

T: Catering Snapshot.

A: Room Category Inventory.

B: Allotment Daily Statistics.

N - If there is no OCIS active in the receiving side.