OXI_HUB Interface Setup

Setup for the OXI_HUB includes these components.

OXI_HUB Interface Monitor

The Interface Monitor, is also known as the Central Interface Monitor and is needed to:

See, Interface Monitor for more information.

OXI_HUB Interface Configuration

After new installation the interface needs to be fully configured. The Global Interfaces OXI- Opera, OXI-V6, OXI-V7, and OXI-CLS will be pre-installed during the OXI_HUB installation. They will automatically have standard configuration settings.

Below is the log in screen for access to OXI-HUB. Enter your User Name and Password, and select the Interface type that you are configuring. The Property field can remain blank. User permissions for OXI are required to have access to the interface and configuration.

See, Interface Configuration for OXI_HUB for more information.

Edit Interface for OXI_HUB

During the setup process it is possible to define the Machine ID when adding properties to an interface. See Edit Interface for OXI_HUB for further details.

Queue Setup and Failover Methods

Go to menu option Interface Configuration>Queue Setup.

In case the interface communication with the primary delivery method is interrupted, OXI_HUB offers secondary delivery methods

that will kick in and deliver reservations to their destination. These secondary failover methods are email, fax, and print.

Primary delivery methods – for all data transmission

Secondary delivery methods – only for reservations

See, Queue & Failover Methods, for more information.

Interface Parameters

To set the basic functionality parameters for your interface, go to Interface Configuration>Parameters.

Select the group of parameters on the left side of the screen. The right side of the screen shows the list of parameters associated with that group.

See, Setup Interface Parameters, for more information.

Interface Defaults

Go to Interface Configuration>Interface Defaults.

Default values are crucial for the interface functionality. The values configured here will be used as defaults for incoming and outgoing messages in case matching conversion values from the conversion tables cannot be applied during data transmission, or if conversions are not activated.

See, Setup Defaults OXI_HUB, for more information.

Interface Rules

Go to Interface Configuration>Interface Rules.

Interface rules determine whether a particular profile data item should be updated during data transmission to or from ORS. Interface Rules are applied on global level only and can be set differently between the profile types. For the standard interfaces OXI-Opera, OXI-V6, OXI-V7, and OXI-CLS the configuration is preset during installation.

See, Interface Rules in OXI_HUB, for more information.

Conversion Codes

Go to Interface Configuration>Conversion Codes.

From here you can activate the conversion tables that should be used for this interface. A few conversion codes will be activated and populated through the installation wizard, as they contain the same values for all interfaces and are never changing.

See, Setup Conversion Codes, for more information.