Post Room and Tax

During the Post RT, Packages, Fixed Charges procedure the system automatically posts the charges for Room and Tax, Fixed charges, Packages, and Package Profit/Loss to all In-House Guests.

The Postings status page is view only. It displays specific information about each posting, such as how many times each posting has been run (iterations), the starting and stopping time, and the posting's status. Errors, if any, are displayed below the status grid.

The Post Room and Tax function checks each in-house guest (and any guaranteed reservations with a No Show status) and posts the day's room and tax charges, package charges, and any affiliated fixed charges to the guest's folio.

No matter how many times a day this procedure is run, OPERA will not allow duplicate charges. The End of Day Routine system tracks the folios that have been charged and the folios that are new. There is no system downtime during the End of Day Routine. As discrepancies are found, the system will prompt the user to make any necessary changes. Once all data is verified, the system will post the room and associated fixed charges.