Profile Comments between OPERA and OPERA

Central comments can be attached to profiles and sent between two OPERA products, such as ORS/OCIS and PMS. Central comment types on profile notes that are sent from OPERA to OPERA will not utilize the interface’s conversion codes in OXI or OXI_HUB interfaces. Instead, the note type will need to be configured as a "CCOMMENT" note type in both ORS and PMS.

CCOMMENT is the central comment type that is being sent by ORS/OCIS. In OXI and OXI-HUB, CCOMMENT is treated as enterprise wide and all other comment types are treated as resort specific.

Internal vs. Global Comments

OXI will view comments that are designated as internal as being local to the system where they were entered. A full overlay of global (enterprise wide comments) comments will be performed on the comment type level, and a full overlay of property-specific comments will be performed at the property level.

Note: OXI uses the PROFCOMMENTS EXT SYS OVER (PROFCOMMENTS_CRS_OVER) parameter to determine how to process the received comments in the profile message.

Configuring the CCOMMENT Note Type

In PMS, the configuration for COMMENT note types can be done in Setup>Configuration>Setup>Note Types.

In ORS, the configuration can be done in Setup>System Configuration>Setup>Note Types.


The MULTI RESORT INDICATOR XML collection is available for each profile entity that can be resort specific. This collection allows the profile XML message to list the entities the source system is capable of sending and indicates if the particular entity is included in the current message. This ensures that the source system will communicate to the destination system that the multi-resort entity collections are included in the profile message.

In addition, when profile comments are sent in the profile XML message, the MULTI RESORT INDICATOR collection will populate "Profile/MultiResortEntities" for the COMMENTS entity.

RESORTCOMMENTS Comment Collection

The RESORTCOMMENTS XML collection contains the active, non-internal global comments, which belong to all the properties of the interface database. Comments designated as "internal" will not be sent in the profile XML message; however, comments marked as enterprise wide (non-resort specific) will be sent in the profile XML message.

When the MULTI RESORT INDICATOR collection indicates inclusion of the COMMENTS entity, the RESORTCOMMENTS comments collection will be processed. However, when the MULTI RESORT INDICATOR collection does not contain the CCOMMENT entity, the original comments collection will be processed.

In the original comments collection, the non-COMMENT note types are treated as property-specific comments. If CCOMMENT is not received when the old comments collection is processed, all existing comments of this type are deactivated.