Profile Restriction Reasons

Select Configuration>Profile>Restriction Reasons to access the Profile Restriction Reasons screen. This option is available when the Profiles>Restriction/Flagged Reasons application parameter is set to Y. The restriction reasons specified here are available from an LOV on the Profile screen Information tab when the Restricted option is selected for Company, Travel Agent, Source, Individual, and Group type profiles.


To create a new restriction reason, select the New button on the Profile Restriction Reasons screen. To edit an existing restriction reason, highlight your choice on the Profile Restriction Reasons screen and select the Edit button. The Profile Restriction Reasons - New or Profile Restriction Reasons - Edit screen appears.

Provide the following information and select the OK button.

Code. Enter the code for the restriction reason.

Description. Enter a description for the restriction reason.

Multi Language Icon: This icon is visible if the General>Profile Language application function or Login Language application parameter is set to Y. Select the Globe button next to this field to open the Multi-language Descriptions screen and configure a language translation for the restriction reason. Using the Multi-language Descriptions screen, select Edit (to edit an existing translation) or New (to add a new translation), select a language for the Language field and enter a description into the Description field. Select OK to save the language translation.

Display Seq. Enter a number that determines the position of the restriction reason in lists of restriction reasons. Restriction reasons that do not have a sequence number will be displayed in lists in alphabetical order following those restriction reasons that have a display sequence number.