QMS Tasks

When the OPQ <version number> QMS license is active, the QMS Tasks button is available from the Profile screen Options menu and from the Reservation screen Options menu. Select this button to display the QMS Profile Tasks screen. This is a view-only screen.

When the QMS Profile Tasks screen is accessed from the Profile Options menu, it lists all QMS tasks associated with the current profile. This means that the tasks listed on the screen are (or were) associated with a room in which the guest was staying at the time the task was created. The tasks may or may not have been reported by the guest.

If QMS tasks are associated with a profile, the QMS Tasks lamp is displayed on the Profile Search screen when the profile is highlighted, and on the Profile screen. If the QMS Task is associated with the guest profile attached to a reservation, the lamp is displayed on the Reservation screen (See Indicator Lamps for details). Click on the lamp to go directly to the QMS Profile Tasks screen.

If you wish to search for tasks created on a certain date, enter the date in the Created Date field, or select a date using the calendar tool. If the PMS MHOT Multi-property add-on license is active, the Property field allows you to search for tasks for this guest at other properties. The default property is your login property. Select the Search button to initiate the search.

The following fields are displayed on this screen:

WO Number. QMS work order number assigned to this task when it was created.

Task Description. A description of the problem or need. When a description is highlighted, the full text of the description appears in the lower part of the screen.

Location. The room where the problem or need exists.

Created On. The date and time when the task was created.

Created By. The OPERA user ID of the employee who created the task.

Status. The status of the task.

Due Date. The date and time by which the task must be completed.

Completed On. The date and time when the task was completed.

Completed By. The OPERA user name of the employee who completed the task.

Minutes Open. Total number of minutes between the time the task was created and when it was completed.

Reported By Guest. If the problem was reported by a guest, the guest's name.

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