Arrivals with Scheduled Activities (resarr_activities with RES13.FMX)

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This report will only be available when the OXI - OPX_CONC Opera Gateway for Concept EAS license code is active.

The Arrivals with Schedule Activities report will display reservations with scheduled Spa Activities.

The report has flexible a group by option that allows up to three group by levels. The available group by options are:

That means that the activities for one guest may not be printed together, for example if the main group by option is 'Activity Type'. If a reservation had three different activities those would be printed in different groups. There is no way to decide which of those three rows should show the room, adults and children and which should just show zeros. Therefore I have removed the totals for Rooms, Adults and Children. The only remaining total is the one for 'Persons' because these persons are per activity.

Arrival Date Range

From Date. Beginning date of arrivals that you want on the report.

To Date. End date of arrivals that you want to on the report.


Block Code. Codes used for assigning rooms before check-in. Displays a list of values to select from.

Room Type. Show specific room types. Displays a list of values to select from.

Scheduled Activity Type. Show a specific activity type. Displays a list of values, where one or multiple types can be chosen.

Activity Notes. Notes that are attached to certain activities.

Share Names. Displays names of the reservation sharers.

Group By. Information to be grouped by a certain topic.

Sort Order. Activity Start Time, Alphabetical (default).

Note: The VIP column will only be displayed when the Profiles>VIP application function is set to Y.