Room Move Reasons

When the Reservations Config>Room Move Reasons permission is granted, select the Configuration>Reservations>Codes>Room Move Reasons to define reasons that a user can select from as to why the room move is occurring.

Room Move Reasons Screen


Search Criteria

Description. Enter the partial or full description of the Room Move Reason to search for.

Search Results Grid

Code. The code configured for the Room Move Reason.

Description. Displays the full description for the Room Move Reason code.

Display Seq. The sequence number assigned for the order in which the Room Move Reason will display in a list of values.

Button Functions

Search. Select to search for the room move reason based on the criteria in the Description search criteria field.

Move Up/Down. Use the Move Up/Move Down buttons to move a specific code up or down through the list. Please note that doing so will also change the sequence number of the selected code.

New. Select to create a new Room Move Reason.

Edit. Select to edit the Room Move Reason highlighted in the Search Results Grid.

Delete. Select to delete the Room Move Reason highlighted in the Search Results Grid.

Close. Select to exit the Room Move Reasons configuration form.

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