SESSION TIME OUT Application Setting

Group.  OPERA

Type.  Setting







Description. This setting determines how many minutes a session may remain inactive before it is disconnected from the database. A null value (blank) means the session will not be disconnected regardless of the period of inactivity. This applies to OPERA applications as well as Configuration and Utilities modules.

Property Determination. Once a value is defined in this application setting, any OPERA user who has not initiated session activity for more than the parameter value minutes will be automatically logged out of their OPERA session. The user would then be required to log back into the OPERA application. A period of "inactivity" is defined as the interval during which the database is not affected in some way by the user (e.g., by select, update, delete, insert actions). Simply tabbing from field to field on a form does not constitute "activity".

Note: This time out will not be executed with pinpoint accuracy. This is because the cleanup job which is required to complete the time out is scheduled to run at a specific interval. Therefore, the time out execution could actually be delayed beyond the time specified by this setting. In addition, if broadcast messages are sent, this can also delay the execution of the time out for the session.

Activation / Inactivation Rules. 


Available Values.

Number (in minutes).

Must be a minimum of 5 minutes.

Blank means there will be no impact for this setting.

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