Trouble Shooting Guide - All interfaces

All OXI Interfaces After Installation








Download, messages external to OPERA

Messages from external system are not showing in the OXI Message Status screen.

Check if there is a time difference between the Database server and the enqueued message time. Correct the database time and restart the database to see if this corrects the problem.

On a Windows NT machine, go to the task bar and double-click on the time. Correct the time to be what the Database server has.

On a Unix machine, log in as a User with Administrator rights and enter the Date command followed by the date. Check with the administrator of the Unix box that the date can be updated prior to changing.


Interfaces using FTP

Download, messages external to OPERA

Messages from external system are not coming from the FTP Server to OXI

Check if the FTP server can be accessed:

Go to OXI>Interface Configuration> Communication Methods and open the page for FTP. Leave this page open.

From the interface PC run a command prompt (Start>Run and enter CMD) and type ftp enter then type open <FTP host name as visible in your OXI configuration>.

Log into that FTP server with username and password as visible in your OXI configuration.

Once connected to the FTP server, check that you can access the import/export directories. Type cd  <import directory name as visible in your OXI configuration>.

After changing into the directory, verify your position with typing DIR.



Database Server

What to do if the OPERA Database Server needs to be taken down?

If the OPERA database server needs to be taken down, the OXI services should be stopped to allow a graceful disconnect from the database. Once the OPERA database server is back, you also need to restart the OXI services and processors again.

Under normal circumstance, in the case of a database outage, OXI services and servlets will reconnect to the restarted database automatically and there is no need to restart any services or servers.



OXI Version

What OXI version is installed?

There are two ways to look this up: within OPERA go to System Info>Version and within OXI under System Info>Version.



Reservation duplicated

All reservations from external system are duplicated again in external system after they have been sent to OPERA.

Configuration>Setup>Business Events>External Systems. Select your interface, press ‘Publisher’ and remove all entries in case you find any here. Publisher is only used if multiple interfaces are installed at the same time and the messages from one should be uploaded to the other. In case you have only one interface installed the publisher must remain empty.



Rate Code/Rate Validation Errors

Rate Code/Room Type warning that could not find Rate Code ‘XXX’.

Verify that the rate code is in the OXI conversion details.



Rate Code/Rate Validation Errors

Rate Code/Room Type warning that could not find Rate Code ‘XXX’ and no default available.

Verify that the rate code is in the OXI conversion details and that a default is set.



Profile Match

Duplication of profiles in OPERA.

Go to Interface Configuration>Profile Matching and check that you have configured and activated merge rules that allow a match.



Profile Match

Warning that profile did not match and threshold is not set for profile type.

Go to Interface Configuration>Profile Matching and check that the threshold is setup and there are merge rules configured for that profile type.




The reservation fails and a warning is given "Cannot create a new profile”.

Check OXI Parameter setting in Interface Configuration> Parameters>OXI_PROFILE >PROF CREATION is set to Y.




Message Status screen is showing messages that have not been removed based on OXI Parameter PURGE NO DAYS setting.

Go to Interface Configuration>Parameters>OXI_GENERIC> PURGE NO DAYS check for how many days the purge routine is set. Also go to Utilities>Purge Data and check that this utility is ‘Started’.



Upload, messages OPERA to external

Messages fail during Live Cutover. Business events have been generated.

For Micros-Fidelio Installers/Support teams:

If the External System for OXI in OPERA was set to ‘Active’ before Live Cutover, OPERA users may have triggered business events and they have created messages in the Queues for Upload.

These Queues need to be cleaned out prior to a live cutover as otherwise these messages will fail, especially if they are not from the same business day of the live cutover. OXI does not process messages that are older than the current business date.

IF manual intervention is needed for cleaning out the Business Events queue:

The OXI upload processor must be stopped in OXI

As there is no business event processor in V4.0 any longer, to see if the queues are populated

use first; ‘ben_msgs.sql’ to see messages

and ‘ben_stats.sql’ to see the queues.

To clean/truncate the business event queue, the  SQL script called “Ben_trunc.sql”  will be needed.

Please call OPERA Support 1-800-937-2211 for any questions prior to executing final sql_script ‘ben_trunc.sql’.  Reference clarify solution #42689.


Save the scripts in any folder (say C:\Temp)

Login as OPERA user

Start SQLPLUSW and type (i.e. @C:\Temp\Ben_msgs.sql)


All interfaces in delta mode

Download, messages external to OPERA

Error when downloading message: int_dynasql.sqltopms fails.

This error occurs when the interface runs in delta mode and has been upgraded from a former OXI version to OXI or higher. NULL has been removed as a deletion indicator and therefore it is important that all deletion indicators are set properly again after the upgrade: go to Interface Configuration>Edit Interface>Deletion Indicators and make a selection for each of the indicators, even if it looks as if the selection is already made. Save your changes and restart the OXI processors. Your download will work now.



Download, Tablespace

OXI is running out of table space – indicated in an error message during download.

The records in OXI table int_clob_data were not purged. The reason could be the purge was started at a time where there were too many records is this table and there was not enough space left fro rolling back, which has stopped records from getting deleted. This has been resolved in OXI 33.01.04.



Reservation Comparison

Cannot initialize interface session for external property ‘XXXXX’ with null interface ID.

Form issue. Package may not be compiled. Have to checked the OXI schema and recompile any invalid objects or packages. If cannot resolve call OPERA Support  800-937-4499.



Download, messages external to OPERA

Reservation fails and errors is reported as:

20001: ORA- 20001: P$M$S- 1422P$M$S , ORA- 01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows.

This error comes in for certain type of profiles.  This error is coming from the PMS API.

Issues could be attributed to the same membership type and number (one is active /other inactive) for the guest. Check for this.

The other cause could be multiple same Credit Card type and number (active/inactive).

It could be attributed to the phone numbers as well, multiples of the same number.

In the process of taking the message through OXI; this error comes, when we run a SQL statement in a PL/SQL package and the result returns more rows than that was requested. Try this solution if finding any multiples of the same information:

Delete all multiple information for this guest from PMS and then reprocess the failed reservation in OXI.




When trying to start the OXI service the following message appears:

"The procedure entry point OCIEnvCreate could not be located in the dynamic link library OCI.dll" and then

"Could not start the Service ???, Error 2186, The service is not responding to the control functions".

This error has appeared many times and occurs whenever OXA is installed on a PC that already has an Oracle Forms 6i installed prior to installing the 8.1.7 client. After the installation of the client, the primary oracle home does not automatically switch to the client and when the service is started for the first time, the mentioned error will appear.

This can be corrected either by using the frontend option under Start>Programs>Oracle Installation Products>Home Selector and select the Ora817 home (that has been named for the client) and restart the OXA service again. If this option is not available then the change for the primary home must be done in the system path settings. This is done under Start>Programs>System> Environment>choose the variable 'Path' and change the primary path to display the client portion first. The path will be seen as D:\oracle\ora817\bin;d:\oracle\dev6i\bin;c:\winnt\system32;....

This error could apply when user is on v3.6+ where Oracle 10G is required. Select the correct Oracle home where clients have multiple Oracle homes due to older versions of OPERA having been installed.



Download, messages external to OPERA

Downloaded reservations are failing with Oracle error "ORA- 01403: no data found".

This can happen with reservations that have the FG segment for Holidex or any membership for other interfaces. If that membership type that is not setup in the OXI conversions and doesn't exist in OPERA, the OPERA API seems to be raising an exception while inserting/updating the membership information.


Check that the OXI conversion table was activated for membership type and that the type in question is properly mapped. The failed messages then can be reprocessed afterwards.



Download, messages external to OPERA

Reservation messages are taking very long time to go from Holidex to the PMS.

Return message for downloaded messages-

“Post_hx message returning error ORA- 29532 : terminated by uncaught java exception java.lang.OutofmemeoryError.

The delay time is either 6-14 minutes.”

Resyncs during peak work hours take a lot of CPU resources and cause delay in getting messages from the CRS to the PMS. Resyncs should be done during NA or during late shift after majority of check ins for the day have been taken care of. The resync process is a background process, this could be the reason for slow processing while doing resync.

To find out if the issue lies within the route CRS to OXI, use this sql script to see the time delay. There is no delay on the OXI side as OXI processes the message as and when it gets them:

Select count(*) from hldx.hx_msg_repository ( Please replace hldx with Holidex schema name ).

Holidex puts the messages into this queue, OXI processes the messages from here. This sql should return you zero most of the time. If this sql returns a number and the OXI download processor is running then there is some problem in OXI. If you see zero, it is a Holidex issue and the Holidex helpdesk has to be informed. Number 1-800-810-4499.



14-day forecast

In the 14-Day Availability Forecast the room types are all showing numbers instead of characters.

Call the Holidex helpdesk under 1-800-810-4499 and make sure that the TPI is on 16.02 or higher.



DCO export file

DCO and REV export files are not sent to the FTP server on the IHG side. Error given is:

"FTP ERROR while transferring ' HCKO.PRD.V080001.SKASH.S801' file to FTP server. REASON: PASS command failed - __passwd ( ) error : EDC5143I no such process."

Error is from Holidex FTP server side.

Check that the FTP server url is correct in OXI comm methods

Check that the FTP user is entered correctly in OXI comm methods

Check that the masked FTP password is entered correctly in OXI comm methods

If the error occurs again call the Holidex Helpdesk for resolution: 1-800-810-4499



Reservation Duplicated

Duplication of reservation that exists in the OPERA PMS; warning "original confirmation cannot be found making reservation for change message".

The duplication of the reservation for guest 'Xxxxxx', was sometime after the booking was made, with the first change was done to the reservation. The update message never made it into OPERA, probably showing as failed in the OXI, so the reservation has segment number not updated. The CRS was sending 2nd update message to the reservation and since the segment numbers were out of balance the update did not work. So OXI's functionality is to create a new reservation for update reservation when the booking number and segment number match cannot be found.

Solution for issue to balance:

Cancel the original booking with the lower CRS confirmation number. Keep the reservation with the higher CRS confirmation as this reservation will have all the CRS updates. This will also eliminate the duplicate confirmation number now in the CRS.

The OPERA table that can be used to see if this is true for bookings is 'RESERVATION_DAILY_ELEMENTS'. The column that houses the Segment number is called 'EXT_SEG_NO'.



Download, messages external to OPERA

Reservations fail in OXI. Errors were:

"ORA-0000 normal successful completion"

"Rate Code validation failed."

The reservation is downloaded and goes through the conversion and defaults in OXI as necessary, next OXI checks OPERA, finds restrictions on either the Rate Code or House is closed out.

Scenario 1- if the House is closed out then reservation will go through conversion and then try to pick default rate code. This will fail due to OPERA PMS house close restriction rules. User will have to manually insert reservation into OPERA. This is intended functionality in OPERA.

Scenario 2 - if the Rate Code is closed out but not the House, then the reservation will go through conversion and if the rate code that was booked is closed, OXI will next try to pick the default rate code and insert reservation.

Scenario 3 - if all rate codes and house are closed then the reservation will go through conversion and will fail due to OPERA restriction rules. User will have to manually enter reservation.

Solution - if CRS is booking reservations and causing high overbooking at hotel, Hotel can make the decision to go into the Holidex and close out.



DCO export file

When OPERA PMS is on or higher and the Holidex CRS version Holidex Plus, what is the setting for the DCO_EXPORT?

The Choice of export is DCO_EXPORT_SCC. This is the export used when hotel is at least on OPERA, Holidex OXI 2-Way version TW45.13 and the Holidex CRS is PLUS.



Download, messages external to OPERA

Downloaded Reservation response messages and new bookings are showing failed in OXI to OPERA with error: "- 20001: ORA- 20001: P$M$S- 6508P$M$S , ORA- 06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called".

In the OPERA schema there was some code compiled or a fix applied to it. When the recompile of the schema was done the OXI interface processors were still running. This invalidated object packages in OXI.

Log into OXI and turn off the processors. Use the OPERA SMT tool to compile the OXI schema to fix packages and objects that are invalid.

Turn on the processors when done and reprocess any failed messages.



Export File

Hotel is receiving negative room rate data from the stay files.

Reason is that the rate is negative in OPERA as the users had discounted the rate more than the actual dollar of the rate amount.



Rates, External to OPERA

Rate Tier for 2.6.0 versions and higher in OPERA are activated by the OPERA PMS parameter:

Setup> Application Parameters>Rates Group> parameter RATE TIERS = Y.

(Rate Tier will not be available for OXI_HUB to ORS)

When the rate tier is active, then the configuration of rate tiers can be done in OPERA configuration Rate Management. If the rate tiers are not the same as in the CRS, then any rate message sent from CRS to OPERA will fail. The appropriate error message from OPERA will be given in OXI as; "Rate download failed. All rate tier length of stays must match between Holidex and OPERA in order for the rate to download successfully."

Fix the tier setup in OPERA PMS and then you can select the failed message for REPROCESS in OXI.




Installation – happens if multi property and interface is setup configuration wise but has multiple properties that are not configured for delivery.

Solution: Either delete all multiple entries for the interface that has been created or setup all configuration for Communication methods for the interfaces that will be coming online.



Message, MSG ID

Download- What happens if the MSG ID column is not populated at all?

This is okay, the external system is not sending Message ID number in the XML header.

Message is still processed and inserted into OPERA PMS. This will not hamper being able to Reprocess any message.



Comm Methods

The Communication Methods menu item is not displayed when setting up new or accessing existing interface. Communication Methods is found under Interface Configuration.

Communication Methods menu item is not displayed after an upgrade.

Do the following steps:

1. Stop OXI Processors.

2. Go to the Interface Configuration and menu Edit Interface.

3. Select Message Format field for temporary update.

4. Select the arrow pick box

5. Change original value to other message type.

6. Select SAVE button.

7. Now go back to Message Format field and change back to original value.

8. Select SAVE button again.

9. Exit out of entire application and login again.

10. Check Interface Configuration Menu list for Communication Methods. Will be displayed in list.

11. Start the OXI Processors back up again.



Comm Methods

The Communications Methods are setup and the service still stops. In the OXI log there are entries showing start/stop. But when you go to the Comm Methods setup you see the entries.

Communication Methods look like they are setup. But during manual entry ghost projection of first entry is displayed into either External to OPERA or OPERA to External setup. And user takes it for auto-population.


1. Remove the value in the fields and manually type in again and save the values.

2. Restart the processors and the communications will work now.



Oracle, OXI Log

Error in OXI Log and not messages are outbound/inbound in the system.

"Can't login to oracle as v38_oxhot2@rkv37smoke. Error: ORA-12640: Authentication adapter initialization failed. (2) Will try to reconnect after ~60 seconds."

Issue can be the Oracle home. Since this can happen after upgrade to Oracle 10G and server may have multiple homes. Check that the correct home is being pointed to. This would happen if you have multiple test environments handled and need Oracle 8I and 10G.



Comm Methods

Error given when enrollment or other quick response is required from external system:  'Couldn't initialize the interface for property 'XXXX'.

Communication Methods is either not setup or network is not setup to communication to external system. Check network setup and or Communication Method setup for OXI.

Also check that the OXI License code is active and then see if the OPERA PMS setup for External System is showing the OXI active.

Correct the setups necessary and either reprocess messages or resync if necessary.



Data Request

Message type sent from OXI_HUB called ‘MESSAGEREQUEST’ sent to external property. Message Failed going into external property with this error: “Item Type "" is not Supported.”

Value is null, specifying that there is no data for the dates requested.

In OXI_HUB the ‘MESSAGEREQUEST’ for ‘Allotment’ will not receive an update from PMS that his has failed. Just no messages will be returned where no data matches.



Business Events

Expected configuration of business events is missing after upgrade of OPERA and OXI environments. Business Events are pre- configured for most interfaces not all and new functionality that requires these is not working.


Reason for the new business events not being ticked when upgrade is that the OXI Processor Shell.exe when ran, during the upgrade, did not have the ‘Run the interface initialization scripts’ checkbox flagged to update configuration as needed. Topic referenced is the OXI Install & Upgrade Guide document. See page 23 under section “Install and or Upgrade of OXI Processors.”

Solution:  Re-run the OXI processors shell executable and make sure this on-screen parameter is flagged so that the update occurs.




AIB request did not finish will I be able to request another without going against the limit of ‘3’ per day requests?

Yes, you can request another AIB request if the previous request did not finish and balance. It will not count against the ‘3’ limit per day count.




REQUEST FAILED, and description “AIB-Build- Request- >ERROR: Failed to Connect to Holidex server” is the status on AIB Main Request screen. What does this mean?

The Holidex Server is down and could not request data back so the request Timed-Out on its own.

Try the AIB request again later to see if server is back up.

If retry later still returns issue call IHG Helpdesk to check issue.




Error in OXI Log and or System Error Log, where no response from external system and or Time Out has been experienced.

Error:   "Receive failed [HTTP][nploxis11][0.984][/OPERAjserv/ OXIServlets/ORSInterface? propertyName=FILEE][CInternetException 'A connection with the server could not be established '.]".

Issue is in a Push/Pull if the system is only PUSHING data to use and we do not require to PULL, the Comm Methods for External System is populated and does not need to be.

Check Comm Methods setup correct configuration.

Stop/Restart Processors.



Export Files

Warning in the Message Status screen:  "Can't validate directory [oxi/v26shldx/dco_re] on FTP server [aix02][iasdev]."

This warning indicates that the directory path given in the Comm Methods screen is not correct, so the message could not be deposited on the FTP Server.

Check the path to the directory. Verify that there are no misspelling for this path, or missing part of the path. As the field is free-format typed. Messages that are not delivered will be status changed to ‘RETRY’ and will go with next scheduled delivery time.

REPROCESS:  To bypass the delivery time and have immediate delivery of the export file. Select the record on the Message Status and the ‘REPROCESS’ button. Once they bypass the time schedule, the status will be changed to REPROCESS and if successfully dropped onto the FTP Server the status returned will be SUCCESS.

Note:  Any update change to the Comm Methods for the Export files will require a Restart of the OXI Service or a selection of ALL Processors if done through the application. Export files rely on the Export File  and Upload processors for delivery.



AIB Exceptions Rep

Setup issues where automatic printing is not happening after Night Audit run and or Manual user requests.

Check Setup:

Verify in OPERA PMS > Config > Application Setting > General  - Settings --Report Application server name is configured in this example the appserver/single server name was HXPITSPSVXXXAP1.

Open a DOS prompt  > connect as user OXI/OXI@OPERA

Copy in following - but enter value where ='RESORT', to the Real Property/Inn code (ie FILEE)

Sql_script: declare iDummy int;

begin pms_p.initialize ('NA_REPORTS', 'NA_REPORTS', 'RESORT');

iDummy := int_i.set_session_variables(null,'HOLIDEX','RESORT');



If you get a number after pressing enter , just put in a forward slash / ,press <enter> you will see

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

At the SQL prompt copy in following, but replace the 'RESORT' with the correct property / Inn code, also get a process id from the inventory balancing screen

Begin int_aib_misc.print_invent_bal ('oxi_invent_bal', 'RESORT', 'HOLIDEX',

85634, 'AIB-BLOCK-REQUEST'); end;

if you get a number after pressing enter , just put in a forward slash / press enter you will see

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Now you should see something in the default printer - configured on the application server - also make sure that the Application Server has printer assigned as default printer.