IFC Custom Data Tab

The Custom Data tab displays user defined information that has been configured for the selected interface. Some of the information that is displayed can be added, modified, or deleted directly in the grid. But some information is view-only and cannot be modified.

Note: If the Custom Data tab is available for an interface, then information should be entered into it.

SVS and CCW Interface Custom Data Example


The information that is entered is provided by the vendor and is used to verify communication with the vendor.

EXP Interface Custom Data Example

The information that is entered is used to configure the local system data and site specific data. For example, like when and where to export a file.

Export as XML. Select this check box to export the details as XML. If this check box is not selected, then the details are exported as text.

Include Doorcard Field. Available when the Export as XML check box is selected, select this check box to include the Doorcard field details in the XML Export. If this check box is not selected, then the Doorcard field details will not be included in the XML Export.

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