Using Catering Packages

Catering packages are a convenient and attractive way of selling catering Events. The main difference between packaged Events and non-packaged Events is the way pricing is handled. Packages are generally sold on a per-person per-day or per-person per- booking price with all Events and Event resources included in the quoted price. It is easy to customize booked packages if necessary to fine-tune them to fit the client's requirements exactly. Packages also make life easier for the Catering Sales staff by saving them from having to compose the Events from scratch using resources. All details are attached to the booking with one mouse-click when selecting the package.

Catering packages allow for inclusive or per-person pricing for the client, with an internal revenue breakdown for the hotel. To speed up the catering booking process, packages can be tailored to specific customer needs by booking the package then adding non- inclusive events and resources.

Catering Package Features

Packages. Create an unlimited number of templates. Create  packages for one day or multiple days and attach unlimited events and resources, including function spaces.

Pricing. Package pricing is extremely flexible. Influence Package prices by number of attendees, seasons, and other criteria. Events or resources that need to be billed extra can be easily attached to the package booking.

Setup Packages and Pricing. A package template is pre-defined in the system to allow the Sales Manager to pick it and copy it to a booking. Details may be completed as the Sales Manager makes the booking. Then, depending on the Client’s requests, the package can be customized.

Managing Catering Packages

Working with the Events module, there are several ways to customize a catering package; add an Event to an existing catering package, combine several Events to create a new Package, break down a package Event to a single event, or base a package on a function space.

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